What does Multiple Sclerosis have to do with a philandering pantheist, Austrian physicist? Well, the above YouTube video does a far better job explaining Erwin Schrodinger’s famous thought experiment,  but my simplistic understanding is as follows: Lemtrada is a high cost, high risk medication so the FDA mandated a strict protocol of baseline appointments and tracking tools to make sure Lemtrada patients can’t sue the US Government for permitting its use. Yet, if you didn’t have to take Lemtrada, you probably wouldn’t go to the dermatologist for a skin check. If the dermatologist hadn’t heard you say “well, there’s a 3% chance of presenting with melanoma,” then they wouldn’t have checked every inch of your body, referring you to another specialist about a mole on the bottom of your foot. If you weren’t already freaking about exposure to viruses due to your impending immune suppression, you probably would have ignored your annual dental check up AGAIN this year.  Instead, you go and it turns out you have a currently painless cavity in the middle of your bottom-front tooth that’s suspiciously close to the nerve. Now you have another appointment for a root canal and a complete deep cleaning, requiring a crap ton of lidocaine and another day away from the office. So, if it weren’t for this treatment, I wouldn’t know about the other issues, on the one hand, saving me time, money, and energy; on the other, shining a light on small issues that might get dramatically worse during treatment. The cat is either alive or dead. Maureen has another medical issue requiring treatment or she doesn’t. (I hope the cat is alive, but Austrians are cruel).

I guess you can tell I’m getting tired of visiting all the doctors, only to be referred to additional doctors. I had my MRI, but I haven’t dropped the cd off at my neurologist’s office yet. If I drop it off, they’ll make me have my blood taken, and, really, there’s a good chance I’ll have some other issue to see another five doctors. Or, I drop off the CD, schedule my blood draw for another day, and nothing else happens.

So, because I need to keep my job and workout schedule for the foreseeable future (nobody will pay me to binge on “Limitless” and “Ultimate Beast Master” on Netflix), I’m trying to focus on the longer game, the so-called forest instead of the trees. I cannot afford, literally and/or emotionally, to sit and panic about what else will go wrong. I mean, I was diagnosed with MS at the age of 18, so a root canal and suspicious foot mole are easily fixed in comparison.  Bring it on, medical professionals! I’ve got my fight face on.